What we believe

  1. Love God – Love People
  2. We believe the Bible is the most historically sound and archeology accurate work in the world today. At Christian.com we believe it to be the one true inerrant word of God.
  3. We believe a personal relationship with God is the key knowing Him.
  4. As Christians, we believe the privilege of eternal salvation is available to every person, tribe and kindred on earth. We endeavor share the love of Christ in all we do.
  5. Faith & Family First: Faith & family life is sacred. People of faith with a sound family structure are more productive..
  6. Servant Leadership: Our view is that we need to serve our users, which means not only putting you first, but serving you in a way that you never forget.
  7. It’s not about “us”: Our focus is never placed on how “Christian.com” can shine in what we do; rather it’s focused on how you can “connect to God and life better” through what we do.
  8. Integrity: In all we do our mission is to do it with a spirit of excellence and with integrity.
  9. Company Fun Policy: Work can be work, or work can be fun. We believe God’s ways BRINGS LIFE and we want you to know we ENJOY bringing  you the adventure we call Christian.com. In every interaction we have with you, we want you so SENSE the joy of the Lord and fun we are having doing it.